The Journey Of eBay And Group Buys

Per luck, I successfully bid on a Runco DTV-1100 in the US for very little money. Unfortunately, it was pickup only.

Thanks to the internet community that was not a problem

A special thanks to TK. Without him, none of this would have been possible.

TK drove a couple of hundred miles, picked up the projector, put everything onto a pallet and dropped the pallet at a warehouse, where my shipping agent could take care of it

So far, so good. Unfortunately, the projector was not in so good shape, including some broken hinges (FIXED thanks to Ile from Finland), cracks in the case, and worst, a burn in of the words "no signal" on all three tubes. Ontop of that, the red and green tubes colorelements looked like someone tried a soldering iron on them.

But see for your self.


To Do List

Crack on the top of the case

No big deal, as it can be pressed back, painted and be done

Runco DTV-1100 without the lenses

Suddenly, the home theater room is getting crowded with such a big beast

A bunch of WebDTs

This is a bunch of WebDTs, which I need to package up and sent out.

Where do I get the packaging, hmm...

The left hinge at the back

The left hinge is broken out :(

The right hinge at the back

The right hinge is broken out as well. :(

Note to anyone wanting to ship a projector:

Burn ins

Pictures of the burn in of "No Signal" into the green tube

Also note the dimple, which can better be seen in the second picture

Unfortunately, the red tube has the same problem with the dimples

Next steps

The projector will stay in the room for a while to dry out.

I will see, if I find someone in Germany, who can take care of the tube issues. I might also order some new tubes at TubularOutlet.

The WebDTs will leave my house next week. Luckily, I have some Cisco packaging, which looks to be ideal for shipping the WebDTs.

Update WebDTs

All WebDTs are on their way to the buyers.

Update 2009-01-07

No power to the projector

Changed to 230V, replaced fuses to 5A, plugged power cord in. Nothing

Took out the two cards which have fuses on them, and checked out the fuses. All okay.


Update 2009-01-08

Thinking about the power issue, getting help from Curt Palme, I go down again, and check the new 5A fuses. And, one of them is shot. New, but shot

Driving to the shop, and getting three new ones (just in case), checking one of the fuses, if the fuse is okay. cool

Plugging in fuse. Turning on PJ - Stndby lights - Yeah

Pressing StdBy on the remote

Tubes light up - Hooray

ohhhh, the red one does not light up

*grml* . . . try the neck board, maybe it got loose during transport.

Yes, the neck board on the red tube was loose. all three tubes light up

Put on a signal and see how good it looks

We see the burn in, lets change the raster, and make a picture

This picture shows the green mask fairly well. There are some waves on the left hand side as well. I could not detect a mask on red or blue yet.

Well, except the burn-in

I will definitly need a new or 9/10 green P19LPB03xxx tube.

Update WebDTs (2009-01-09)

All WebDTs are at their destination

Update Pumping (2009-01-10)

Today I finally made a short video showin the pumping action of the set

The file is about 3MB big. 5 seconds into the film you see that the menu is in the focus, a few seconds later the focus is off again.

Please ignore the flickering (display set at 50hz, filming at 29.xxhz)

Update Pumping (2009-01-15)

Thanks to Oliver K from Leipzig, I was able to pull out one of the red cables going from the HV splitter to one of the tubes.

I pulled out the cable for the red tube. The focus problem is no longer visible. What does that tell me?

There is still pumping in the picture, but the focus is not effected by this pumping.

Another Update On The Pumping (2009-01-15)

Unfortunately, once the PJ is getting warmer, the pulsing of the focus continues :(

Any tips are greatly appreciated

EHT arrived (2009-02-03)

The EHT arrived today. After letting it sit a while, I exchanged the EHTs, powered on the PJ, and ... the pulsing continues :(